Alfonso Martinez

Patient Testimonials

Throughout my stay in el monte this was my go-to dentist from the very start. Its right in between the I-10 and Mountain View- closer to the 10 freeway. I usually schedule appointments durning the week and the wait was close to none-amazing! It was quick and easy. Once in the back area with all my gear, the staff was nice/friendly, it was clean, and pretty professional for the most part nothing crazy out of the ordinary type of situations. If I had to wait for the dentist I watched the TV- they offered to change the channel at times, which is nice. Once durning a busy time in my life, I scheduled on a Saturday- whoa. Very different. Busier but then again the patients present probably scheduled for Saturday for the same exact reason that I did so bummer for me because I had to wait at a dentist office.

Marivel S.

Dr. Martinez is wonderful. I have a fear of the dentist because of childhood trauma, and I walk in each time thinking I'm going to get bad news. He gave me a great cleaning and I'll happily come back to him when my next cleaning is due, and for other procedures I want done.

Daved T.

Doctor Martinez is top notch....He truely care about his patient and there welfare...I would not want to go to anyone else...

Patty V.

Dr. Martinez really is the most kind, gentle and considerate expert in his field. He clearly has a lot of experience and executes in a gentle, professional manner. I highly recommend him!

Cira G.